Lisandro Lopez Baylon was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1951. He studied at the Pan-American School of Arts as well as the School of Fine Arts, both situated in the city of Buenos Aires. Since 1971, he has dedicated his energies exclusively to painting. He has lived and presented expositions in the different cities of South and Central America. 
In 1977, he came to the United States for the first time, and since then has painted in different areas of the country. Traveling has been his custom since he left his country. From his travels, he has gained tremendous insight from the distinctive realities of the various countries as expressed in the dramatization of his paintings.



Изображая водку - Максим Лагашкин. Вечерний Ургант.29.06.2020

Susanomify 16.09.2020
<a href=><img src=""></a>

Изображая водку - <a href=>Максим</a> Лагашкин. Вечерний Ургант.29.06.2020

ROGUE Official Trailer (2020) Megan Fox VS lions, Action Movie HD

Susandic 16.09.2020
<a href=><img src=""></a>

ROGUE Official <a href=>Trailer</a> (2020) Megan Fox VS lions, Action Movie HD

Почему НЕЛЬЗЯ покупать технику не на ходу

Carolynlit 15.09.2020
<a href=><img src=""></a>

Почему НЕЛЬЗЯ покупать технику не <a href=>на</a> ходу

One Personal Finance Tip They Don't Teach You In School

Carolynzet 15.09.2020
<a href=><img src=""></a>

One Personal Finance Tip They Don't <a href=>Teach</a> You In School

Groetjes aan je vader #MANNEN (2)Dumpert Tags

Lindaideld 15.09.2020
<a href=><img src=""></a>

Groetjes aan je vader #MANNEN <a href=>(2)Dumpert</a> Tags

Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra full Samsung live reveal

Sarahspeem 15.09.2020
<a href=><img src=""></a>

Note 20 and <a href=>Note</a> 20 Ultra full Samsung live reveal

Prankster Killed in LahoreMy ThoughtsOZZY RAJA

Sarahbum 14.09.2020
<a href=><img src=""></a>

Prankster Killed in LahoreMy <a href=>ThoughtsOZZY</a> RAJA

Django Bustamante VS Michael "Mokong" Baoanan (Alabang Junction) FULL MATCH

Amandatyday 14.09.2020
<a href=><img src=""></a>

Django Bustamante <a href=>VS</a> Michael "Mokong" Baoanan (Alabang Junction) FULL MATCH

Banos de esmalte en Podolsk

Carcoeve 14.09.2020
<a href=>Banos de esmalte en la ciudad de Podolsk</a>


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